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Looking for Pre-School Teacher
We are a startup tutoring company that plans to bring tutoring service to Preschool-6 classroom for preschoolers, pre-K and K kids. We would like to give them more time to practice on writing/tracing letters and drawing/coloring while they have fun and play.

For K-6 kids, we focus on penmanship together with subjects from homework assignment. The ultimate goal is to train these kids to have the nicest handwriting at the early age to adulthood.

Preschool Tutors with 12 units of Early Childhood Development that consists of:

1. Child Development

2. Family & Child & Community

3. Curriculum class

4. Any other class in ECD

K-6 Tutors should have a College education.

Other requirements: able to pass background check. Caring and nurturing attitude towards children.

Hiring part-time Mon-Fri. Perfect for current preschool teachers/TA’s who can fit in a couple of hours after school, or for students building a career in early childhood education. Start as part-time, help kids, and be first in line for the opportunity to grow when we expand!

Pay: $20-$30 per 40-minute session. Contact:

Location: San Jose, CA

Nơi đăng:SAN JOSE
Ngaỳ đăng :10/01/2019
Ngày hết hạn:19/12/2019
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Tên cá nhân/Công ty : Lan
Địa chỉ : San Jose, CA
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